To our beloved customers, 

We are Claritas. Clāritās​ means clarity in Latin. We welcome you to Claritas.

We believe clarity can be found in skin care, hair care and body care as well as from within (check out @claritasofficial for tips on self-care!). We pride ourselves on connecting you with clean, cruelty free products that are always kind to humans, animals and the environment; we aim to deliver on these promises through our sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly shipping procedures.

We aim to deliver clean care to Him, Her and Everyone. One of our core and founding principles is inclusivity. We want to ensure that self-care has no boundaries: it is genderless and it is universal.

Claritas is a platform that allows international brands specialising in cruelty free, clean and/or vegan products to become available in the UK whilst cutting out costs and wait times associated with international shipping. 

We founded Claritas based on the values of inclusivity, kindness and positivity and by collaborating with brands whose ethoses match ours, we hope to deliver you clarity. 


Lots of love,