Diversity at Claritas

Hello everyone!

We hope you have had a great week. Today we wanted to discuss the importance of diversity and why it is so important to us as a business that operates in the skin care, hair care and body care industry.

What does diversity mean to us? It means stocking products that satisfy Him, Her and Everyone’s needs. It means stocking hair products that cater to all hair types. It means stocking skin care products that suit all skin types and needs - regardless of whether you have pigmentation, acne, mature skin or simply want to take care of your skin. This doesn't mean that all of our products work for everyone because everyone’s skin is unique and individual but rather that we hope our products will cater to a variety of needs. It means remembering the importance of male care. It means working with models and influencers of a range of genders, ethnicities and ages. It means making Him, Her and Everyone feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. It means putting our money where our mouth is by donating to relevant charities.

We want Claritas to be a safe space and community for all. We want our content to focus equally on different areas and please, if we are not delivering on this, let us know. We want the brands that we collaborate with to also have these priorities and for this to be demonstrated in their teams, their gender pay gap report (where applicable), their models, their marketing and their products. We understand that currently the industries that we operate within are not prioritising this to the extent necessary, therefore we fully commit to diversity within all aspects of our business.

Thank you for supporting our journey so far. See you next Sunday for a post on how to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. In the meantime, follow @claritasofficial and turn post notifications on. 🤍


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