Hair loss and hair growth

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Today we wanted to discuss hair loss and hair growth to help educate you on the causes of hair loss and how to promote healthy hair growth. Enjoy!

Hair loss is often a sensitive topic and can certainly be upsetting for those who experience it - this can be Him, Her or Everyone. In certain cases, hair loss is permanent, for example if you suffer from male or female pattern baldness which is hereditary. Other types of hair loss are temporary, and so long as hair follicles do not close up, hair may regrow and thicken. You may think you are suffering from hair loss after noticing loose clumps after washing your hair - don’t worry, this is normal! The average human sheds 50-100 hairs per day.

Some causes of temporary hair loss include:

  • Illness

  • Stress

  • Cancer treatment (e.g. chemotherapy)

  • Weight loss

  • Iron deficiency

For permanent hair loss, transplants may be used as an effective (but not guaranteed) solution, however they are costly.

For temporary hair loss caused by stress, try to practice self-care to relieve anxiety or pressure such as yoga or reciting daily affirmations. Follow us on Instagram (@claritasofficial) for more self-care tips and to join in on our #SelfCareSaturdays.

Caring for your hair can prevent future hair loss or slow the process down. From Indian traditions involving red onion based hair masks, to DIY hair mask recipes to nourish hair (see our latest reel @claritasofficial on Instagram), you can prevent hair loss from home. You can also find excellent products to care for your hair in order to prevent hair loss. At Claritas, we cannot wait to connect you with effective products to nourish hair as well as to promote hair growth. For now, we would recommend using natural oils. For example, applying castor oil at the roots of your hair can encourage new hair growth as well as thicker, stronger hair and applying coconut or olive oil to the lengths of your hair can nourish the hair not only to make it smooth and eliminate frizz, but also to make it stronger so that it doesn’t break.

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Thank you for reading. See you next Sunday for a post on the importance of cruelty-free products. ♡


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