The Importance of Cruelty Free Products

Hello everyone!

Today, we wanted to discuss why we place so much emphasis on cruelty-free products. Once we launch our online store, we have made a vow not to work with brands who use animal testing, but why is this?

While it is illegal to use animal testing in the UK and within the member states of the EU, our store aims to bring skin care, hair care and body care products to you from overseas, cutting out wait times and high costs involved with international shipping. This means that we will be working with companies based in the US for example, where in some states, it remains legal to test on animals.

We promise you that we will only sell cruelty-free products, true to one of our founding principles that we want to show kindness to the Earth and its animals. Animals are living beings, and we believe it to be archaic and unethical to subject them to unnecessary cruelty.

We hope that you choose to shop with us because of our stance on animal testing. You have the power to purchase from businesses with ethical values, and we cannot wait to connect Him, Her and Everyone with cruelty free products for skin care, hair care and body care.

Thank you for reading. See you next Sunday for our long-awaited post on the importance of SPF. 🤍🤍🤍♡


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